Hyperion TAC

Dutch long arms

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It is an extremely sturdy, dependable and rugged scope mount, with a “active” adjustment system. This means your scope and mount no longer have to come off in order to adjust it, opposed to the Hyperion 1 and 2 models. This is ideal for Ultra- and Extreme Long Range shooting applications where often the elevation adjustment range of the scope is exceeded by the bullet’s capabilities and where extra elevation needs to be added quickly.

 The Hyperion Tac allows for an infinite number of pre-sets that are fairly easy to set up. With several presets, even a scope with a modest elevation adjustment range, is now able to shoot far beyond it’s “normal” capabilities.


Aluminum grade

7075 T6 (aircraft grade)


600 grams

Hard anodized

Yes Black/burnt bronze/custom

Tube size

34/35 mm

Adjustment Range

0-210 MOA/0-60 MRAD

Scope height (top rail – center scope)

56,5 mm (in zero condition)

61,2 rear/52,6 front (in max condition)*


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