NX8 - 1-8x24mm F1 - ZeroStop™ - .5 MOA - Capped Windage - PTL


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NX8™ 1-8x24 F1

The NX8™ 1-8X24 F1 is a class leading, compact and lightweight riflescope optimized for short to mid-range shooting. At only 8.75“ in length and 17 ounces, this riflescope adds minimal size and weight but delivers superior optics and trusted Nightforce performance to any rifle.

With the daylight visible center red dot users can engage targets with speed like a red-dot sight, but as targets increase in distance the intelligent FC-Mil and FC-MOA first focal plane reticles provide precise hold points. For those preferring to dial for long shots, the ZeroStop elevation adjustment allows for a rapid and positive return to zero. Adjustments are a true .2 Mil-Radian or .50 MOA. To aid in fast magnification adjustments, a built-in Power Throw Lever (PTL) is included.


  • 8.75“ in length
  • 17 ounces
  • True .2 Mil-Radian or .50 MOA adjustments
  • Built-in Power Throw Lever (PTL)

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