NX8 - 4-32x50mm F1 - ZeroStop™ - .250 MOA - DigIllum™ - PTL


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NX8™ 4-32x50 F1

At 32x, you can zero in on the smallest targets at the most extreme distances. At 4x, you are perfectly comfortable with up-close or rapidly moving targets. That vast magnification range - with superb clarity and resolution at every step - means that one riflescope will give you a world of versatility and confidence in any situation in which you might find yourself.

ZeroStop and DigIllum reticle illumination are standard, as is side parallax adjustment. Plus, the remarkable power of the NX8 4-32x50 F1 is packaged in a mere 13.4 inches in length and under 29 ounces in weight.

We guarantee you've never owned a scope like this. That will most likely change very soon. 

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